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Do you suffer from Anxiety?

If so you are not alone. In Australia 1.3 million people suffer from anxiety.


Anxiety is compulsive worrying.


Physical and emotional symptoms that can be experienced are: Being on Edge, Restlessness, tiredness, difficult to concentrate, mind going blank or feeling scattered, shallow breathing and difficulty in sleeping to name a few.


We know those who experience anxiety would rather be free of it, but where does it come from?


There are many different triggers for anxiety:


• Sometimes its work related

• Financial stresses

• Study workload

• Health related

• Family issues

• Public Speaking phobia

• An activity such as taking a plane flight phobia

• Related to an object or animal such as a dog phobia


The biggest reason and worry of all is that it isn’t under your control. People can turn to unhealthy habits to try to mask what they are feeling.


How many times what you worry about never eventuates. Occasionally it does but at least 90% of the things we fear don’t happen. 2% or 3% will just happen anyway, which is called bad luck. That leaves us with 7%. And people can make themselves miserable worrying about that 7% in the meantime.


And why is it that knowing this doesn’t seem to make the difference?


Unless you deal with the individual reasons unique to each person, unless you deal with the cause of the anxiety you will not have the luck in removing anxiety long term.


The beauty of this program is that it deals with all the reasons that are unique to you.

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What is a phobia?


Everyone has a couple of things they are afraid of, maybe you feel woozy when you look down from a tall building, maybe you are afraid of falling off your bike or you shriek when they see a spider. For many these fears are minor. But for some the fear is so severe it causes high levels of anxiety and makes it difficult for them to operate in their daily life.


A phobia is an irrational, intense and persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things, animals, or people. And the person experiencing the phobic experience will do everything possible to get out of the situation. For some people the fear is so great they remain trapped in their house for fear of experiencing the anxiety they may feel should they go outside.












What others say


“Thank you for curing my fear of flying. There were countless times during the flight I would have been a blubbering mess (during the turbulence) but it had not even entered my mind”


Kerry McDonald


“I used to experience high levels of anxiety while taking the train. Now after the hypnosis taking the train is fine, I don’t feel the anxious at all. The fear has been totally removed”


Carly Frankle


“Anxiety for me used to be a way of life, I would experience anxiety at work often before an important meeting and it was terribly embarrassing and inconvenient. The hypnotherapy has been a real blessing, it has enabled me to think clearer and get my job done a lot more effectively”


Arnold Grey

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