'How to Get a Bigger Bite out of Life'

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About the Coaching workshop:


Caroline Kasputtis and Ian Kaminskyj (NLP Training Victoria) will introduce you to a variety of tools that will enable you to fast track your progress towards achieving your goals in a wide variety of areas of life. Through the seven-step formula we present, you will learn what it takes to turn your dreams into a reality.

The How to Get a Bigger Bite out of Life techniques we teach are easy to follow; they are practical and presented in a way that will inspire you to put them into action.

These tools will enable you to dream big, and really follow your heart’s desire. We will encourage you to “Blow the lid” off what is possible and make your dreams a reality!

The methodologies we cover are successful because they will change your attitude to life. We now believe without a shadow of a doubt, that the energy you put out into the universe, you get back. We are all like an alchemist, creating every moment of our lives - and the key, is to be aware of what it is we are creating. You will learn to be patient, to be grateful for what you currently have and above all, to never give up.

We will teach you goal setting that will become your ticket to the next adventure in your life. You will become in charge of stating where and when you’ll arrive at your destination. So where is your life headed right now? And when do you want to get there? Let us assist you in achieving all your goals as quickly as possible.

So by continually being in the process of progressively accomplishing worthwhile goals, celebrating the progress you make towards their achievement, having fun and being well adjusted in life’s 6 major areas, your life will not only become truly blessed but you will get THAT BIGGER BITE OUT OF LIFE!!

We look forward to seeing you at our next workshop where we can assist you in achieving great things.

Live your dream, reach for the stars & above all, have FUN!

Workshop Testimonials:

'Past How to Get a Bigger Bite out of Life' Workshop 

"I came to the seminar to learn some life enhancing strategies. What I got that was especially useful was concepts to overcome fear. I found the seminar well-presented and I was totally engaged."

Anne M, Mulgrave

"I was expecting a totally different seminar. But what I got was amazing. I thought everything in the seminar was useful. Ian and Caroline were really good and impressive. I loved it."

Pratik M, Rowville

"Well done Ian and Caroline! It was a really engaging experience. It taught me a lot of stuff on how to go about dealing with problems and tackling them head on!"

"By coming to the workshop I wanted to get a better understanding on how to deal with everyday stresses and fear to get the most out of life. I am in year 12 at the moment so have to get the best possible results.

By doing the workshop I got a really deep understanding on time management which allows me to take the action on my goals. What I got that was especially useful was that nothing is impossible. Everything can be achieved if we try the best of our ability. Also I saw that forming great relationships and having important people around you is really important."

Parth C, Lyndhurst














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