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What does your Clinic treat?


Our Hypnotherapy can be used to assist you to overcome behaviours such as phobias, anxiety, low self esteem, smoking, and depression, as well as assist in weight reduction and more. See more >>

Are you stuck in a pattern you need to change?
Do you want to know how to move forward in this stage of your life?
Do you need to find some motivation for change?
Would you like to feel like you can be true to yourself wherever you

are and whoever you’re with?

Discover your life in a new and

empowering way

How does Hypnotherapy work?

Our minds work on two levels - the conscious and the unconscious. We make decisions, think act with our conscious mind. The unconscious mind controls our habits.


In a hypnotherapy session we gently guide you into the relaxed state known as hypnosis. It is in this place you can feel and experience many parts of yourself that are otherwise hidden in the unconscious mind. Unresolved emotions from past experiences can be resolved and healed. We use hypnotherapy to get to the cause of the issue, to release old feelings from the past and tap into your deepest potential.


This is why it is quick and easy to change habits of a lifetime with hypnotherapy. 


Today the use of hypnotherapy is seen in medicine, dentistry, law enforcement, professional sport and education.


We work with your individual needs. We also use NLP, meridian tapping, destroying myths, and getting rid of habits.


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“It’s been great. I feel better and all this because of Caroline and it’s as if I have never smoked in my life. It was that easy truly. I’ve only had a thought about cigarettes 2 times since the program and the thought was very vague – and in a couple of seconds it was gone. That’s how it has felt. My son is so glad and it makes my partner really really happy.
My son has tried for years to make me quit and my son said yesterday “I am so proud of you Mumma” It feels great. I wouldn’t have done it without you (Caroline) and that is for sure.”

Kathy 63 years

“Hi Caroline , just thought I would let you know that it was 18 months last week since I walked out of your rooms and never had another ciggy - and it was easy – It is a great program- cheap at twice the price”

Tony 43 years

“I had tried many times to quit smoking in the past but was unsuccessful. From the moment I walked out of the session with Caroline I felt calm, comfortable, happy and free! Caroline explained the entire program in detail to me before starting our session and made me feel comfortable and safe at all times. I felt in control throughout the entire session and left with a great big smile on my face and a new outlook on life! It has been 5 months now since my last cigarette and I will not look back. I very much consider myself to be non-smokers for life. Thank you Caroline!”

Belinda 25 years

“I haven’t had a cigarette in over a year and I felt like a non-smoker from the moment the session ended. The Therapy works”

Carl 40 years

I haven’t even considered having a cigarette. Why oh why didn’t I do this earlier! I have been putting aside $35 every week and have now saved $420.00 that I would have previously been spent on killing myself with the cigs. I have started eating more food than when I was a smoker, but this has only been a slight increase, as I have made sure that the snacks have been healthy foods like fruit or nuts, so as to avoid adding kilos to my weight. Now three months later and I feel great. I would never go back to smoking again EVER! Thanks Caroline and Born Success!!!!"

Louise Banks


“ I thought I'd drop you a quick email to let you know that I have had some blood tests done in the last couple of weeks and my results were fantastic! Since my last set of tests which were done not long before I came to you, my health has improved and my doctor has labelled my health as "spectacular". I have officially cured myself of pre-diabetes and no longer need to take my medication! My doctor has noted your details and has started telling some of his patients about my success so hopefully he gets a few others to try out your programs. Thanks again for all of your help and I will be in touch. Hope you're well!”

Belle T, Camberwell

“ Thank you Caroline for curing my fear of flying. There were countless times during the flights I would have normally been a blubbering mess (during the turbulence) but it had not even entered my mind”

Kerry M, Somerville

“It took a long time to get here, but it’s worth the effort. For a control freak you can be hypnotised. Good session”



Caroline runs workshops called How to get a bigger bite out of life with colleague Ian

"This evening was what I wanted. There was lots of great ideas and information. I wanted to develop more self-confidence and assertive skills. I also wanted to learn positive ways to deal with difficult workplace people and situations. What I learnt from the seminar was tools and actions to take to achieve my goals. The seminar was very detailed and informative. I learnt ideas to achieve my goals with persistence. Also I learnt ways to deal with obstacles.

Both Caroline and Ian were great! They were friendly, helpful, and positive with useful ideas and comments."

Susan W, Ashwood